Monday, October 31, 2011

leah's flapper costume

Leah's mama Kim had the best idea for her Halloween costume this year. A little flapper girl.

She got all the supplies, and designed everything - long sleeved onesie, white and gold long fringe, gold sequins, lacy leggings, and a feather headband. All's I did was sew the fringe on. And it turned out so perfectly, except that both her and her husband need to team up to get it on her. Sorry 'bout that.

Can you even stand how cute this girl is? She always has a great big smile on her face!

So perfect for her age- not too much, warm, fun to play with, and stylish!

Great job Kim! Thanks for letting me be a part of it! (and thanks fro the photos!)

Happy Halloween everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I seriously LOVED this costume!!! It turned out even better than I could have expected!! Thank you soooo much for helping me pull it off!! xo