Wednesday, October 12, 2011

cozy cozy

Just in time for cozy fall weather, I got this gorgeous throw finished.

The fabric is Prospect Park, it's designed by Kitty Yoshida, and made by Benartex. Every time Kitty comes out with a new line- I die. I LOVE her style, color palettes, designs. I can't ever pick just a few fabrics for a project- I want the whole line. So making a quilt is the best way to satisfy that craving.

Except that I don't need any more quilts. So for this easy throw I picked this fabric, it kinda looks like a panel. You know- "cheater" quilting. Squares of all the colors without the work or expense of piecing. 

When I bought this fabric last spring, I planned on having it machine quilted. Then we moved to California. So I decided to tie it with perle cotton, and instead of binding it, I make a teeny ruffle. Oh how I love that teeny ruffle!

And it cost me more than I'd like to admit, but the swirly minky for the back was a must-have. Since I was tying it, I doubled up the batting so it's super lofty and soooo cozy and soft. Little noodle bug can't wait to sink her paws in it!

(and since I doubled up the batting, I rounded to corners off so they would look nice and not bulky.)

It'll have to wait a bit to snuggle up in it though- even though October started out cooler, this week is back in the high 70's and it may just reach into the low 80's. 

I love California!

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