Friday, October 7, 2011

dinner on the hill

For the last 2 sundays Danny and I have walked up to 18th to check out the little bunch of restaurants there and have dinner. It's quite the uphill walk, but it's been such great weather (who am I kidding? It's always nice weather here! Yet I continue to be surprised every time I walk out the door) that the walk is really nice. 

At 18th, there is this house that must be worth millions of dollars cause it's huge (compared to every other house here) and it's not built an inch away from the neighboring houses (like all the others) and it has a backyard, front yard and side yards. Highly unusual for SF. (as far as what we've seen anyway) And it has a friendly dog. 

Danny and I joke that if we ever bought a house here, it would have to be like this one, because what's the point of owning a house when you share walls (well, almost share walls) with your neighbors? But, if we had millions of dollars to buy a house- we would rather buy an estate in Hawaii. So that our entire families could come and visit. Or live. 

Last week we tried Sunflower. (vietnamese) 

OMG the chicken fried rice! (and I usually hate chicken) The fried tofu! Garlic noodles! I miss good vietnamese food- I used to eat it all the time when I was vegan. It was hot that day and after that long walk uphill I was sweaty and thirsty. I decided to order a thai iced tea. I quickly learned that I do not like thai iced tea. I wish they delivered!

There are so many colorful homes along the way...Danny says "stop taking pictures of other people's houses!"

And I love seeing succulents growing all over the place, dangling over cement walls...

And this week we tried Papitos  (french owned mexican). That green salsa on the bottom? I could eat it all day.

I'm not one for tacos- but this fried chicken taco was delicious! I totally want one right now...
Next time I'm not sharing and order with Danny- I'm getting my own!

My dad called me when we were walking back home and I was telling him about our fabulous dinner, and he said "I'd imagine you don't eat any bad food in SF do you?" 

No we don't! And there are like 10 more restaurants on that street...just waiting for us to try!

I love this little routine we have gotten into. Since moving here, we have really put effort into not working on the weekends and spending quality time together. It makes it easier for me to get my "work" (sewing) done during the week so that we can relax and play on the weekend. I grew up with always, always having family dinner on sunday, so it feels nice to have some continuity in our lives, since the rest of it has changed so much. 

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