Monday, October 3, 2011

monday musings

I made these last night. OMG heavenly delicious chocolate gooey cookie madness. They are S'mores Bars. It's really really hard not to eat them for breakfast!

I cleaned my whole house last week with my new cleaners. That clay stuff? My shower doors? HELLO! I can finally see through them again! And it wasn't that hard to clean them either. And so far- they are still clean. Miracle, it's an absolute miracle. I also cleaned my granite counters, my stainless fridge, stainless kitchen sink, bathroom sinks...they shine, they sparkle!

If it were up to me (like if we weren't renting) I would not have shower doors or stainless anything. They are hard to clean, keep clean, etc. But with this cleaner? My fridge looks amazing. I have special stainless polish that makes it look like I cleaned it with crisco. And windex makes it streaky. I just used a damp microfiber cloth, dipped it in the clay, wiped it down, then wiped it again with a dry cloth.

I did all the laundry with the new stuff, and I didn't notice a difference at all. Meaning it works at least as well as what I was using. I love the dishwashing soap for hand washing, but using it in the dishwasher sucks. It just doesn't work. OH! And I used the clay stuff on the bottoms of my very nice pans that we got for our wedding that almost got ruined by the electric range we cooked on for 3 years. They are totally restored. I know I could have gotten the same result with other cleaners- and a whole lotta elbow grease (I've done it before) but with the clay stuff- just used the sponge thingy that came with it. No elbow grease required. It's fantastic!

If you can't tell, I'm a HUGE fan of the All in One Kit (the lame name for the clay cleaner). They also have a multi-purpose cleaner that's in a spray bottle that I'd like to get- it has eucalyptus in it and I hear that spiders don't like that. There are GIGANTIC spiderwebs growing in all the corners in our windows that we always leave open- I don't want them coming in anytime soon!

Now that you know that my house is clean, I'll move on to other stuff.

Poor sewing machine. I can't believe it lasted that long, I worked that thing to death. (obviously) I'm gonna miss it. I ordered a new one from Amazon because they have the best deals, and we have a Prime account so shipping was $3.99. Except that that idiot that was supposed to deliver it on Saturday said that he was unable to deliver it because our building does not exist. Seriously? I get crap delivered from Amazon a few times a week- nobody else has ever had a problem. It's supposed to get here today, so cross your fingers that a different driver has it.

I have a lot of sewing to get done this week!

And is it really October already???

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