Wednesday, November 2, 2011

recipes from the bakery

Remember how I used to post recipes on my recipe blog? Yeah, well. It's kinda hard to keep up on 3 blogs. So I've decided to get rid of the recipe blog, and make it a feature on this blog. It'll have it's own page, so recipes will be easy to find. 

My motivation for this change is my sister, Maloree. A few months ago her and her boyfriend Corey moved out on their own, and she has been begging me for recipes to make for dinner ever since! 

So I may be a little bit long-winded in the wording of said recipes- because she's just starting out so I'm gonna spell it all out for her. And there might be a bit of Maloree humor in there too- so if you don't get it, I'm sorry. It's a sister thing.

As soon as I pull off all the recipes from that blog, I'll be taking it down. So if you have any links, you'll have to change them so they will continue to work. I'll let you guys know in advance though, okay?

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