Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Matilda watches Coco from a safe distance. 

(this is from when we dog-sat our friends 4 pound Maltese puppy. Tilda was not a fan.)

We are back home visiting with family this week. We have a FULL schedule, including seeing the new twilight movie with my mom, Danny and I taking Loo-loo to the new Muppet movie, one-on-one dinners almost every night with different friends and family. I am super excited to see Van, he is walking now! I simply can't wait to ruffle his gorgeous blonde hair and hug him till he swats me away!

Today I will be making dessert for tomorrow's festivities- I am so excited to bake for the people I love! It's just not the same without them. One of the main reasons I love to bake so much is being able to keep on "wowing" my family with new recipes and experiments. Happy smiling faces and "mmmm-yum" are my favorite. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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