Monday, November 7, 2011

the weekend that wasn't

We've literally been in bed all weekend.

It's not like that.

We're both sick again. But Coco has made it better- she's our friend Jane's adorable little dog, and we are dog sitting. So we've been in bed for the past 3 days, passing each other the Zicam and cuddling with Coco on one side of the bed and a reluctant Tilda on the other. Coco is teeny tiny, and LOVES to cuddle right up on your chest. Her little wiggly walk makes me laugh, it's so cute.

Danny and I were SO bored on Saturday night that we ended up in bed, macbooks opened up to youtube on our laps, taking turns watching our favorite videos. It was fun, we laughed a lot- but are you kidding me? How lame is that? Obviously we needed some laughter to break up the stupor that being sick in bed for 3 days does to you. We came up with a list of our top 5, and if you need some laughter, I've included them at the end of the post.

So yesterday, feeling better, I washed the sheets. Oh, how wonderful clean sheets are after you've been sick! And we even ventured out to the grocery store, and had dinner and In-n-out. I finished the evening out with some final touches for a sewing order, and Danny did some work. I think we feel better!

Harry Potter, the mysterious ticking sound.

David after dentist- a true classic.

Bacon Dog Tease.

The censored count. I seriously cry I'm laughing so hard.

Winnebago Man. Warning- language!

And one last one-

Buffy vs. Edward. Whoever made this did such a great job of montaging all 7 seasons of Buffy moments with pretty much just the first Twilight movie. 

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  1. clean sheets are AMAZING. glad you are starting to feel better! xo