Friday, November 18, 2011

monday night date

On Monday night, Danny called me from work and asked "Do you wanna go see Feist tonight?"

I screamed into the phone "OF COURSE I DO!" and he laughed. I asked "How the hell did you get tickets?" and he said "someone at work can't go, so I bought them.

See why we moved here?

And please pardon the terrible photos. After we got there and I saw how that lighting was, I really wished I had brought my big camera and the 50mm. I could have gotten beautiful shots! Then he pointed out that there is no way they would have let me in with it, duh.

It was at the Warfield, a for real theatre with red velvet curtains, golden ceilings, a balcony...

And those side balcony things. All ornate and pretty. Damn camera phone.

Even though it looks like we are drowning in hot lava, we are not. I had my camera on settings that were not flattering, but it's all we got.

Feist's music has played a part in our "romance".  A little after we first started dating, I went to Danny's apartment to go out to lunch one afternoon. He was blasting Feist, and I was totally caught off guard. 

It's a little girly. 

As soon as I stepped closer to him, he started singing along and had me dance with him.  It was one of the first moments I felt my heartstrings being pulled. Certainly with anyone else, I would have shut off and shied away, especially because of the singing. You know me and singing. But I let it open up my heart, and saw the first true glimpse into what an amazingly varied, passionate and sometimes spontaneous man Danny is.

Even though our feet were sore and our backs ached from standing in one spot for 3 hours straight- we slow danced upon Feist's request as she played "Let It Die" on her acoustic guitar for her 3rd encore.

Thank you, Leslie Feist, for a magical evening.

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