Monday, June 29, 2009

walgreens sucks.

I hate Walgreens. I don't go there anymore. Why? Because they would screw up my perscriptions 90% of the time. When the perscription was written for brand name only, they would give me generic. And so it had to be re-done. And then they would be out of the brand name. And then it would take another week to get it. Everytime! Years of going there, you would think they would get it right.

So one year ago tomorrow, I took in 2 perscriptions. Our health insurance ran out that day. So I told the lady "My insurance runs out today. I need these filled today, or at least dated today if you can't fill them." "Okay, sure, no problem." "Oh, and no generic please. See how it's written that way?" I am pretty sure that we waited for them to be filled right then. I paid, and asked again, "are you sure that they are dated today? Because you won't get payment if they aren't." "Yes, don't worry, everything is fine."

I got a bill in the mail the other day from our old insurance company stating that they paid for perscriptions that were filled after our coverage ended, and that I need to send them a check for $180.82. What? I read the details. Walgreens filled one of them on July 3rd, 2008, and the other on July 4th, 2008. Seriously?!?

So I called them today. They have record that they were brought in on June 30th, but their records show that I didn't pick them up until the 7th. So I ask, "why were they billed on the 3rd and the 4th? I was very clear that they needed to be billed that day, and I was told that it was fine." The idiot guy says "It was like a year ago. I don't know why. I wasn't here." I say " Well, you have record that they were brought in on the 30th, so can I have some documentation of that fact?" Moron says " It's not like we have like your conversation recorded or anything." Well duh! "That's not what I asked," I say, "I want a copy of whatever says that they were brought in on the 30th. The guy says to me "if you needed them so soon, why did you wait so long to pick them up?" 7 days is not so long, and I don't know! It was a freaking year ago! I JUST got the bill in the mail.

So I called the insurance company. They can't do anything. They need the pharmacy to prove that they were brought in on the 30th. So I guess I get to call the corporate office, and try to get a decent answer. And they are closed right now.

I hate Walgreens.

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