Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my new natural obsession

For awhile I have been looking into making my own laundry detergent and other natural cleaning products. I've been putting it off because even though the rewards were great, I don't want to make my own. So I have been looking into buying it, but everything I look at just has pretty labels, small bottles, and high price tags. 

When we moved we had no room in the trunk for all our bottles of cleaning supplies, so we had to leave them behind. Now that we're almost out of our regular laundry detergent, and I still haven't replaced the cleaning supplies- I was getting antsy to figure out a solution.

While at the Babes & Babies event on sunday, I met Sophia, a rep from H2O at home. It's french based, natural, organic, and green cleaning company. What caught my eye was the "laundry ball", a plastic ball filled with tiny ceramic balls that do magical scientific things to the water so it cleans better with less detergent. And their detergent? A huge bottle of super concentrated heavenly lavender scented liquid. And you use like one tablespoon for dirty loads. For not so dirty loads, just the laundry ball works fine.

So I continue asking what everything is, and she tells me about the "all in one" kit. It's a powdered clay based cleaner that cleans everything. And it's food safe, too. So you can polish your counters and then eat off of them. But then she said the magic words- that it "works wonders on shower doors." I hate, loathe and despise cleaning shower doors. I've tried everything, and nothing works. So I pretty much bought it just for that purpose.

I was giddy. Do you get giddy at the promise of natural super cleaners? So I bought a "package". In it was:

Laundry ball
Laundry detergent
Dishwashing liquid
a set of microfiber towels for various cleaning tasks
a bar of spot remover
the "all in one" powdered clay cleaner with towel and sponge

It's kinda embarrassing to admit that I haven't really "cleaned" our  new place yet. I've just made due with clorox wipes, shower spray, swiffer pads and windex. And toilet cleaner. Don't worry, I haven't totally lost my mind.

So with all the sewing craziness behind me, this week I'm gonna clean my house. Like for real. I don't mind cleaning most of the time- I find it soothing and I usually work out internal stuggles along the way.

Except for vacuuming. I hate doing that.

And I'll do a review after I use them for a bit and let you know just how awesome they really are!

If you wanna check them out- here is their website: H2O At Home

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