Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the great mayo vs. miracle whip debate

Are you a mayo or a miracle whip fan? Usually it's a love/hate it kinda thing. For me?

I hate/loathe miracle whip.

Moving on.

The other day I went to make myself a sandwich. A tuna one, but that's besides the point. I put some mayo and mustard into a small bowl and went to get the tuna from the cupboard. I noticed that I had a bit of mayo on my finger, so I licked it off.

"Bah!" I exclaimed to myself, "that tastes funny!" Wait, I'm remembering something. I had a sandwich a few days ago, and it tasted strange too. I thought it was the chicken that I used. I stopped eating a quarter the way in, thinking I should stop 'cause it didn't taste right. But then I remembered the goat cheese incident, and forced my lame ass self to finish the sandwich. I wasn't going to let my imagination run away with my taste buds this time. Ha!

Ok, back to the present. By funny, I meant it kinda tasted like miracle whip. Not full on, but just enough to warrant suspicion. It's a brand new bottle. "Holy crap" I thought to myself, "they put it in the wrong bottle! Those morons!"

Just out of curiosity, I checked the expiration date. Jan '11. "It's still '11 so it's fine!......OH SHIT!"

Meet the dangers of buying from costco. And not paying attention whilst rotating stock. As I tried to not throw up in my mouth and figure out just how expired that mayo was, I came to a conclusion:

Miracle Whip tastes exactly like waaaay expired mayo.

And then another, more important thought came to me:

I fed my husband a sandwich using that mayo last night! Oh dear!

When Danny got home I told him what happened and apologized profusely. He laughed it off, like he always does. He's easygoing that way.

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