Friday, September 16, 2011


Here it is- my Hushabye quilt!

I'm in awe of how pretty this quilt turned out! I love staring at it, poring over the details. The only thing missing is a chunky baby rolling around on it!

Here it is in the "laying out" stage. Such an exciting stage, when all your hard work comes together!

The obsession with Tula Pink began with her "Neptune" collection that I used for Van's quilt.

It continued when my mom and I stepped into the last shop in the Shop Hop last summer, we saw this fabric on the back of a quilt hanging in the shop.

We just about died.

Aqua and brown damask, my fav? With chocolate bunnies? Oh yes. Yes!

We quickly loaded up our arms with every bolt of fabric they had left. You see, it was an out-of-print line of fabric that we had never seen. There were a few color ways- we got some of each. We decided to make matching baby quilts- one for my house, one for grandma's house- cause my mom will be a grandma someday, right?

Tula Pink is famous for "hiding" images in her designs. I absolutely love it!

When we finally found a quilt pattern that we thought was just perfect for our project, we began sorting our patchy collection of fabrics. We were each going to make a baby quilt, using everything we could. We quickly realized that it mixing what we had wouldn't work unless we bought a whole bunch more fabric. So we divvied up our stock- I picked the aqua & brown, my mom took the pink & brown.

The pattern is called "Sweet Petals" by Riley Blake. And it's free! Despite using the same fabrics, and the same pattern- my mom and I laid out or quilts differently. And at some point- I'll get some good photos of hers to share with you!

I never plan on piecing the backs of my quilts, but I always end up doing it anyway.

Making quilts "on point" or turning the squares diagonal instead of horizontal is trickier than it looks. But I love switching it up sometimes.

And in case you haven't noticed...

...we love pinwheels!

And the quilting? So gorgeous. As always. I really need to send Holly a thank you gift for all the hard work she's done on all my quilts!

That brown/blue dot has hidden ducks floating around...

Teardrops are a recurring design of Tula's- definitely a favorite of mine!

The brown lace has butterflies...

And this simple scroll has dragonflies.

We bought the fabric in June '10, found a pattern in April '11, cut, sewed, and pieced them in May '11, had them quilted in July '11.

I have the latest Tula Pink collection "Prince Charming" on it's way to me as we speak, because I was smitten with it the instant I saw it. As my mom and I have somewhat painfully learned in working with Tula Pink's collections- you cannot find any other fabric to match it. Anything. So this time, I'm not fooling around. I'm just buying the whole damn collection! I have no idea what I'll do with it- but when I do, it will be fabulous!

(and HOORAY! I had enough money to buy a new and improved lens! Hence the photos!)

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