Friday, September 2, 2011

broken lenses = no blogging

I mentioned that I broke not one but two lenses recently, and it happens to be my most favorite lens.

I broke one moving, and then had to beg Danny for days to buy me a new one so that I could take photos of the dolls I made for my etsy shop a few weeks ago. In a wild cat moment courtesy of Matilda the camera toppled onto the floor- and buh-bye cheap lens.

I have to save up my money (the money I make in my etsy shop) in order to buy a new one. But this time I'm going for the mid-price option- hopefully it will be sturdier than the low end plastic model.

So I didn't take my camera to Utah, didn't take photos (good ones anyway) of Van's birthday party, or my trip, Danny's birthday, or of anything I have been making these past few weeks.

I was sitting here the other night wondering why the hell I haven't been sharing all of my goodies and writing blog posts, I've been so consistent and have so much to blog about...and then I remembered- duh. No camera to take photos of what I have been making!

I have other lenses. They just aren't that great for this specific purpose. But today I had had it, so I busted out the 100mm macro and got really far away and snapped some photos of one of the many projects I have completed.

I tried to use it to take photos of the gorgeous Hushabye quilt that I just finished- but I couldn't get far enough away to get the whole thing. (100mm macro lens is a fixed length made for super close-up shots, so you can't zoom in or out- you gotta zoom by moving yourself closer or further away from your subject.)

I'm getting closer to saving enough!

Until then- I'll be blogging with images that I can steal! And link back to of course!

And here's the little lens busting shit- looking so sweet and cute rolling around on the floor. Oh boy do I love her!

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