Monday, September 26, 2011

comfy pants are my BFF

I've been in a style rut ever since we moved. I did okay up until a few weeks ago- when I folded up my skinny jeans and shoved them deep into the closet. And have only been wearing comfy pants since.

Don't worry- they look alright. And Danny didn't even notice until a few days ago, so there. And the only public places I went was Target, Petsmart, Costco, etc... (where most people look like a hot mess compared to just plain old comfy pants)

But now that my sew-a-thon is over, I need to leave the house and re-join the real world before I forget how to act in public. And it's going to be fall soon- I need some new wardrobe pieces because I got rid of all the worn out stuff I have been wearing for years.

So I got on Pintrest and found a new blog to obsess over- Sweet Laundry Loves and went crazy finding great ideas. I will need a few things, the most expensive being some new boots, but I wear them so often it's silly to buy cheap ones that will only last a season. Anyway.

Here are a few of my ideas:

I am going to use this summer skirt tutorial... (from MADE) make a skirt like this. It looks so comfy- without being a pair of comfy pants. (See, I'm trying to ease into it.)

 I love this dress- but she got it in France, so. 

I'm going to try to pair a long sleeve tee with one of my sleeveless dresses and see how it goes.

 I have a grey lace dress and grey tights, all I need is the red cardigan. And I'd wear boots, cause saddle shoes ain't my thing.

I have like 3 plaid shirts that I never wear because I don't know how to wear them- so I love this look!

(all of the above looks are from my new fav blog- Sweet Laundry Loves. Photos from her website. And how cute is she?!)

 And I have a black dress like this, paired with the mustard tights and camel colored boots, I think it's SO cute!

(found this one on Pintrest, don't know the original link)

Yeah, so hopefully I will start leaving the house again to go on many fun and exciting adventures here in the big city so I can blog about them!

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