Wednesday, September 1, 2010

san fran day two

Day 2: We got up and out the door by 9am. Danny went to spend the day geeking out with his new buddies, and I went museum hopping. (But my first stop was H&M. On the way, you know.) The forecast said it was only going to be in the high 50's, and since I always freeze, I took a jacket with me. But I didn't need it- I ended up stuffing it into the H&M bag for the duration of my day trip.

First, I went to Xanadu Gallery. The art was kinda lame, but the building is what I wanted to see. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, as a model for the Guggenheim. So in a sense, it's a mini version.

Great people watching in this city!

Xanadu Gallery.

I love Lush!

Next up was MOMA. I got a little lost, but thanks to my trusty iPhone, I eventually figured it out. It was amazing. I wandered and took photos, stared and sighed. There was a lot I didn't expect to see, so I had quite a few wow and omg moments.



Very impressive...

I love Claes Oldenburg. This piece is much smaller than the real one.


Close up of the tie sculpture by Claes, which is a mini version of the real installation.

Closeup of a Roy Lichtenstein.

An amazing portrait by Chuck Close.

Layers of handmade pulp paper and ink.


Some closeups of a Wayne Thiebaud.

I love his brushstrokes.

Ceiling to floor installation.

This is a pencil drawing right on the museum wall.

(I can't remember the artist's name though. Oops.)

Next up was the Asian Art Museum- one of the largest in the world. It was kind of a long walk there, and I was already limping and sore, but I was too excited to care. It was so amazing to see all that history- I took an Asian art history class in college, so seeing pieces that I had studied was incredible. Goosebumps. By then my legs were so tired that I had to take a few sitting breaks. Then I headed back to the hotel for some downtime.

Installation in the lobby.

Broken off of a larger sculpture.

This is a hand carved, jadeite, ruby encrusted teacup.

Time out.


Also hand carved jade. Seriously. Amazing.

As soon as Danny got back, we headed out for Fisherman's Wharf. On a trolley of course. We walked around for a bit, then decided to eat at Aliotos. Danny had swordfish stuffed with crab, ew, and I had some fancy pasta. I have never walked so much in my life as I did that day. And boy, did I feel it!

Us on the trolley.

next up, day three...

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