Tuesday, August 31, 2010

san fran day one

We had a wonderful, adventure filled weekend in San Francisco. We left on Friday morning, and got back late last night.

It was a last minute trip- Danny got an awesome opportunity to be a judge in a 48 hour software competition using an open source program called Node, held at the offices of software company Joyent. Basically a lot of geeks got together with their Macbooks and created some really cool stuff. It went from 5 pm on Friday - 5 pm on Sunday.

Danny on plane #2

Me waiting for the cab.

We stayed at the Clift. An old hotel refurbished in 21st century Art-deco style. It was amazing.
Our room was small, but perfect. The water pressure was insanely furious. And the decor was Lynchian. Dreamy.

Our bed.

My side.

The purple elevator- my fave.

Mirror chairs.

Lobby lounge.

Apple/top hat chair.

Day 1: After 2 flights and a crazy cab ride into the city, we showered and headed out to Joyent. It was just under a mile from our hotel, so we walked. We immediately fell in love with the city.

The sidewalks are buzzing with people, something we don't see here. We got to the building, up to the 20th floor- with a magnificent view of the city. We met everyone, staked out the place, then headed back out for dinner. On the way to dinner, we saw what looked like a bike marathon- the street was filled with people on bikes. Upon closer look, they were just regular people commuting.

We ate at Tommy's Joynt- a famous place made more famous by Triple D. On the walk back to the hotel, I got a terrible muscle cramp in my upper thigh, which turned into a badly pulled muscle. We went to bed at 11. Way early for us!

next up, day 2...

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