Monday, August 23, 2010

happy birthday danny!

We had a BBQ this weekend for Danny's 30th birthday. It was so much fun getting our families together! My camera battery died halfway through the party, so I gave the little camera to Loo-loo, and I took some pics with my phone. But I didn't get photos of the wonderfully delicious Peach Cobbler we had for dessert.

Danny and Linds

Mal and Olive (Nala)

Mal is a vet tech. She loves animals- and this kitty came into her clinic because her owners could not afford medical testing, and were going to just put her down. (?!?!) So Mal jumped in and saved her from death. (how could you not?)

She is a Bengal, and one of the nicest kitties I have ever met. She has been living with my parents for a week or so, and is already a part of the family. She also really likes me, which is a plus. (I wish we could adopt her!) Anyway, after they finish the testing to see if she is sick or not, we think that my brothers friend will take her.

Mal and a blurry Bella

Loo-loo, Mom and LaRue

Ta-da! No 30th birthday is complete without a Birthday Hat!

I heart my Loo-loo!

Ashkan and Danny, laughing about something nerdy.

LaRue telling us hilarious stories. I absolutely love her.

Linds. She drove 3 1/2 hours just to be here. Such an awesome surprise!

Auntie Kris and Linds sneaking some of grandmas caramel corn.

Oh wait, there's the cobbler!

LaRue, Craig and Kris.

Linds, Danny, and Chels.

With Loo-loo behind them giving them bunny ears, of course!

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