Tuesday, August 31, 2010

loo-loo and the zoo

Last Tuesday, since it was a cooler day than most, we went to the Zoo. Loo-loo has been begging to go all summer, but it's been so hot. I haven't been for years.

First was the Carousel.

Me on an ostrich.

Loo-loo insisted that there would be baby tigers at the zoo. Yep.

The baby panda was her fav on the Carousel.


A very tall, very bored giraffe.

Even though this large statue was extremely loud and obnoxious, she walked right up to it and wanted her photo taken.

So what does this make her? A taller, skinnier gorilla?

Loo-loo is very adept at cooing. She kept this lil pigeon calm so I could get a close up. I made her sit down for a few minutes because I noticed she was dripping with sweat. Poor girl! An ice cream cone for me, and a coke for her, along with 15 minutes in the shade did the trick.

Sleeping groundhogs.

She even jumped up and down on the bridge.

She was such a good sport despite the heat, that I let her buy a seagull. It makes awesome seagull noises too.

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