Friday, August 20, 2010

this week...

I have made these cookies a few times now...and they are sooooooo good!
( I just ate 3 of them)

The recipe calls for caramel sauce in the dough- but I can never taste it in the finished cookie. So I got some sweet little caramel balls in the baking aisle at Target. I added them with the chocolate chips and they are perfect.

I also added a little swirl of Starbucks Caramel Sauce on top of each cookie right before baking. And that is when I learned that my husband hates caramel sauce. What? Who in their right mind hates caramel sauce?

This week, I have had the privilege of holding a teeny tiny baby.

Van is doing well, he is busy eating and not sleeping. I got to visit with them on Monday for awhile- I even got to feed him! I was pretty stoked.

What do Van and I have in common? We have both gained weight this week!

I took dinner over to them today, and I insisted (forced Mike to give him up) on holding him while they ate. He is quite strong for a newborn- he jerks his head around, and punches and kicks. It's hard to predict his head thrashing, you think you have a good firm hold on the little guy, then his head is suddenly on his chest. You move it back as quickly and carefully as you can, but he still gets upset and looks at you like "Hey! Not quick enough!"

He was trying to suck on his thumb today. He finally got it once his Soothie was in. Pretty cute. And he was all wide eyed and staring at me too.

I love little baby sighs. Their teeny bodies just relax a little, and then they sigh.

All is well.

Tomorrow we are having a BBQ for Danny's birthday. Ha! Now he gets to be 30!
Check back for some awesome party pics!

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