Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the great northern: the wedding

Salt Lake to Reno. 7 hours. I slept for 4 of them. The drive was ugly and boring. Our hotel sucked. The bed was awful, the smell was unpleasant. We avoided the million buffets teeming with food poisoning, and opted for In-n-out. Mmmm. We were so bored that we went to bed early, so we could get up and on the road early.

Reno to Brookings. 8 hours. Ugly and boring turned into pretty tree lined roads and rain. Our hotel was perfect, it smelled fresh, (kinda like bananas though) and the bed was cozy. We ate at a sushi place, and happened to run into the bride and groom- so they invited us to join them. It was nice getting to spend some downtime with them before the wedding.

The wedding day was wet. It was warm enough- just grey and rainy. The many steps down to the beach were fine, back up was killer. The wedding dinner was delicious, the beach house stunning, just like the bride.

Love that smile. You wait your whole life for that smile. And it was so amazing to be there, to see it in person.

Rosey protecting the fish from the rain. So cute.

We threw our wishing stones into the ocean, thinking of our future.


Danny & I in the rain by the sea...

I got to see people I haven't seen in ages, it was fun to catch up with them- and to introduce them to my husband.

I love that about being married. "this is my husband, Danny." I love saying that. I hope Beth likes that about being married too.

It was super foggy the day we left, but fog in the trees is breathtaking.

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