Thursday, September 2, 2010

san fran day three

Day 3: Danny and I had the first part of the day to venture out together- he wanted to be back at Joyent for the final hour of the contest. We took a bus to the Cali Academy of Sciences- it had a huge aquarium, a planetarium, a 4 level rain forest and various other amazing displays.

By this time, I could only shuffle along. My thighs were so weak that I couldn't lift my knees, so stairs were out of the question. So we were elevator bound. We were going to go to the De Young museum next, but since we took so long in the Academy, and I wanted to go back to MOMA, we skipped it. We took a bus to MOMA, and it was just as amazing as the first time. I was excited that Danny wanted to go with me! After that we headed to Joyent for the final stretch of the contest.

Line to get into the academy.

Deep sea transparent fish. Kinda creepy, very interesting.



Blue tree frog.

Stinging Nettle.

Rain forest.

De Young, as seen from the Academy.

Sugar waffle for a snack.

Japanese Tea Garden. We didn't have time to walk through, just peek into the gate.

The last hour...

It was crazy in there! A table full of geeks, clacking away on their laptops. Evidence of a few all-nighters scattered around. Fridges full of beer, soda, and OJ. Counters full of twinkies, chips, and other snack food. Danny made the rounds, checking out all the finished entries. I was content to sit in my padded chair, sipping Dr Pepper and eating Starbursts. When the party died down, we left for Chinatown. We got some Japanese candy and some tiny kitty figures for my miniature shelf. We walked back to our hotel, then had dinner at the Pine crest 24 hr Diner on the corner. Before bed I had a long, hot soak in the tub.

Sleeping arrangements.

5 o'clock = stop!


next up, day four...

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