Friday, July 29, 2011

how we are doing in the big city...

...and some things I have learned about myself, the city, and life in general.

I am a food hoarder.
We don't really need 10 pkgs of spaghetti noodles and 12 cans of black beans at the same time. (I had no idea that we had that much food in our cupboards before we moved.)

Walking does wonders for my digestive system, TMI.

I love the feel of sea level air- it's thicker. I don't get winded just walking down stairs anymore.

The food here is so good it's criminal. Danny pointed out one night that we don't eat this good on vacation.

There are worse fashion choices than socks with flip flops.

While walking through the city, breathe through your mouth to avoid puking on the sidewalk. Concentrated urine from an unknown number of people equals public gagging while in the midst of unknown people. I've got to practice my poker face.

Water takes longer to boil at sea level. And cupcakes take longer to bake.

Having 100 megabit internet is very nice. Photos upload in seconds, as opposed to 15 minutes.

It also makes streaming Netflix way better. Which is great considering that for the first time in my adult life we don't have cable.

The people here are crazy about baseball. Insane. Getting around town is difficult if not impossible when there is a game. Thousands of people line the streets for every game. (the ballpark sits right between us and downtown.)

I love our new place. It's not quite photo ready, but as soon as it is I'll do a photo post.

Danny is off a few nights a week hanging with his new nerd buddies, talking their nerd language and laughing about things I will never understand.

We love it here. We feel right at home. And it's got to be the social networking stuff- facebook, twitter, email, the cell phone- but I'm not homesick. I get to talk to and get updated on my families activities every day- I don't feel like we're living that far away. (and I'm sure that will change the longer we are here.)

I also need to take into account that by nature Danny and I are hermits. We don't get out much. Me mostly. I'm doing the same things I was back in Utah- sleeping in, watching t.v on netflix while sewing, or listening to Lady Gaga while doing housework.

I am going back to Utah for Van's first birthday party (SO EXCITED I COULD DIE) the first part of August for a week. So wait for the post. With photos of Van eating cake (my cake!) for the FIRST TIME EVER. (I just finished his birthday present and you are going to die when you see it!)

So Nan, if you go to get Van out of his room one morning and I am curled up next to your sweet little blond haired boy's crib, don't be freaked out. I miss him. And I miss you too.

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  1. i would love to see you curled up next to Van in the morning!! I'm so excited you are coming!!! I've missed you! its so weird without you here...there is a hole that just can't be filled! but at the same time i LOVE reading about your adventures and discovers. i hate it that van isn't as excited about his birthday as we are! in fact, he has no idea. he better realize what a rad day it is and act excited when the day gets here or i'm gonna be disappointed. haha. i am SO late with sending out invites! i'll just give you yours when you're here...dang! i'm thinking of doing napkin balls for decorations? if they're not too too hard? talk soon...