Friday, July 22, 2011

a day in the life

Danny leaves for work, a 3 mile bike ride. Pretty soon I'm gonna have a ripped husband. I'd better keep up!

A while later, I walk to the metro station.

Over the Caltrain tracks.

Through the fennel forest... (fennel grows wild on every corner in our neighborhood.)

I'm headed downtown...

To bring Danny and his co-workers some cupcakes. Yes, I use my husband and his co-workers to validate my self worth through my baking. Your welcome.

They are a hit, duh!

There is a park nearby that's old school- wooden playground, metal slides and monkey bars.

And it's a gorgeous sunny day.

I passed by a pepto pink masonic temple.

And then I was naughty and snuck into the Chronicle bookstore. But it's ok- I found the perfect present for a friend.

What's more American than construction cranes in the sky?

Then I hopped onto a bus and headed for Market street.

This is the Powell Mason cable car where all the tourists line up to ride it down to Fisherman's Wharf. And the crowds get insane!

I went across the street and had lunch at Nordstroms. Nice view. The berry fig salad was so good.

I got back on the metro to go and find the rest of the birthday present.

The Utah. I did some more walking. Puff, puff.

I spotted the Chrome store- I needed a cell phone holder for my bag so I stopped by. BTW I finally figured out the perfect traveling camera bag/purse situation. But that's a post all on its own.

Back on the metro.

Going home to take a shower before a class. I was overheated by then- I'm not quite used to all this walking around and getting sweaty stuff. I actually took a cold shower. It was amazingly refreshing.

Danny arrived home, dripping with sweat, it was hot today! In the low 70's! Have I told you how much we love love the weather here? Danny says "It's like living indoors".

Back out and about! Uphill to the bus stop.

Number 19. I really, really don't like this bus stop. It takes waaay too much effort to walk up those two hills.

I took an infant & child CPR class at Recess, so that if I decide to become a nanny or a babysitter I'll be certified. (yes- I'm thinking of training to be a nanny as a job)

Candlelit dinner at Serpentine with my husband. I would have taken photos of the fabulous dinner and dessert we had, but- candlelight.

Elevator up to the 4th floor. Time to catch up on some Modern Family.

(This is not a typical day. Mostly I stay hide in the apartment in my sweats, braless, with crazy homeless hair, trying desperately to organize and unpack all our junk. I say desperately because there is no where to put anything. I can't sew Van's birthday present until the chaos is gone, so can I pay someone to fix it? How about hypnotizing me into being okay with chaos? Because his birthday is coming up very very soon. But that's not very fun to photograph- or is it? What do you think? Wanna see a horror show? With cat hair and my uneven boobs? Did I tell you that they are lopsided? Am I a freak? Please tell me yours are too. If I could just lose 10 pounds then they'd go back to normal. Oh my. Tangent? Tangent and TMI. )

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