Wednesday, March 5, 2014

regional candy swap!

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Heidi Kenny of mypapercrane always has the best ideas. She did a candy swap last month- peeps signed up, she paired them up based on our geographic locations, and we all went out and bought candy to send to our partners.

Heather got my some amazing chocolate from Holstein's- the place where the last shot of the Soprano's was filmed. Very New Jersey! (and I ate almost all of it already)

I, being totally obsessed with Japanese candy, went to Japantown and loaded up. I looked up what "regional" candy was in California, and I was quite disappointed. Abba Zabba? Charleston Chew? Gah. Like I'm gonna send someone $15 worth of that lame candy! I did get some Ghirardelli chocolate though- so I did sort of send something regional. 

Think of me as an asian candy missionary- spreading love through Japanese sugar. Now my partner, Heather Donohue will know the exquisiteness that is Hi-chew, and she can develop a healthy addiction to Ramune gummies too.

That was fun! Let's do it again!!!

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  1. WOW That chocolate looks delicious. :P I too participated in this swap and I just blogged about it, in case you're interested to see what it was like for me.