Wednesday, July 10, 2013

itchy and scratchy

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I woke up with the worst hives ever. My whole body was so swollen and horribly itchy.

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Good thing I got this cuddle bug to comfort me.

I did some research, and read that since antihistamines are all different, you can take them together.

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So I bought every one I could find.

I went to the dr about 3 days in. I got a cortisone shot, and the dr told me to take as many antihistamines as I could find.

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She is really, really good at taking care of me.

The shot helped take the swelling down considerably, but the hives were still there. I kept taking the pills, but...

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Still pretty itchy.

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Our new couch got delivered, and noodlebug approves!

She is the best at napping, isn't she?

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I've had a bad case of hives before, and my friends mom suggested that I take l-lysine and vitamin c together a few times a day. It worked the first time, so I tried it again. 1000 mg's of each.

I took these once an hour, for 10 hours. My hives disappeared that day, and completely healed by day 3.

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