Friday, July 26, 2013

escape from utah

Danny's dad and his girlfriend Pam came to visit us! I found them a lovely little apartment right next to Union Square on airbnb to stay in since all we have room for is an air mattress on the floor.

They wanted to escape the Utah heat which is particularly horrible in July.

We played sightseers...

 photo IMG_0294_zps3e6c2f55.jpg
First up, Alcatraz. It was kind nippy that day! I was so, so glad that my camera got fixed before we went. I've missed it so much!

 photo IMG_9661_zps9890fcb3.jpg
The model of Alcatraz is pretty cool.

 photo IMG_9699_zps5497772a.jpg
Did you know that the island is also a bird refuge? Check out the fluffy baby seagull! He hatched a few days earlier.

 photo IMG_9720_zpsa74c1e5e.jpg
I've never seen a seagull from above before.

 photo IMG_0335_zpsde6c983c.jpg
You can see the Golden Gate bridge and....

 photo IMG_0334_zps7835e525.jpg
...the bay bridge. Pretty cool. Unless you were a prisoner. That would suck. On so many levels.

 photo IMG_9819_zps4a53bf4f.jpg
The famous hole....

 photo IMG_0336_zps2fbfc3ca.jpg
Cafeteria floor.

 photo IMG_0333_zpsdece966b.jpg
I loved all the textures....

 photo IMG_0322_zps1cc026d5.jpg
Danny taking the tour.

 photo IMG_9807_zpsec748514.jpg

Afterwards, we walked up to Ghirardelli Square for some hot fudge sundae's.

 photo IMG_0349_zps9a790b54.jpg
OMG so goooood.

We also drove to the golden gate bridge....

 photo IMG_0366_zpsb53420c3.jpg
To check it out in person. This rust is crazy!

 photo IMG_0357_zps5cfa0865.jpg
This is the first time I've been here, lame right? I'm lazy. I don't like driving up here.

It looks peaceful and calm, but it was windy and cold and wiiiiiindy.

 photo IMG_0361_zps97c56a87.jpg
The fort was pretty cool.

 photo IMG_0367_zpsb4551654.jpg

 photo IMG_0368_zps8fe7bcb8.jpg
Mmmmm, we took them to Umami burger. Seriously so delicious.

 photo IMG_0344_zpsda7dc673.jpg
On a trip to the mall- we showed them the amazingness that is Beard Papa cream puffs.

They had so much fun- of course so did we! It was fun playing tourist!

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