Sunday, November 4, 2012

technology has a life expectancy too

Over the weekend, I was in the middle of uploading a bunch of photos of all the fun stuff I have been making....

....and my computer died. 

So instead of getting caught up, seeing as how it's been more than a month since I last wrote a post, I spent the weekend in torment. Being dramatic, moping around and getting nothing done. So I'm going to see if the Apple store can fix it for a reasonable price, and if not, well then we have a desktop computer that I can use. It's all geeked out with linux, but I'll have Danny dumb it down so that I can use it without his help. Really expensive computers are supposed to last more than 4 years, right??? Sheesh.

In posts to come:

Photos of baby Henry at 1 week old.
Photos of my sisters new puppy!
We went to Hawaii!
I started teaching an art class to our friend's daughter, and I'm helping her brother with his homework.
Some totally awesome Halloween costumes that I made for a friend.
I took everything out of my sewing room and put it back together.
I finally took photos of the Prince Charming quilt that I made for myself months ago.
I got into the Renegade Holiday show, coming up in December.

So hopefully I will get these posts out before the end of the year. Can you believe it's November already???? I can't get over how incredibly fast this year has gone!

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