Wednesday, January 4, 2012

birthday wishes

My 32nd birthday was perfect.

Danny surprised me by staying home from work, and we slept in. Rolling over and cuddling with your husband is the best way to wake up, ever. I decided to forgo the beach and the ice cream sundae and stay in bed. We chatted and lounged, then lazily got up, dressed, and headed to lunch.

We walked to one of favorite neighborhood cafes- Just for You.

After lunch, we walked over to Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous for birthday ice cream. In addition to all the cookies and peanut brittle they normally have, they had "puffs"- giant rectangles of fresh marshmallow on top of a layer of caramel, and swirled with caramel. I grabbed two. And got some ice cream. :)

It was almost time for my facial appointment, so Danny walked me there. (The spa is right between our place and the ice cream parlor. Yes, I planned it that way. I'm lazy, remember?)

So the facial. Was amazing. She really took her time accessing my skin and making recommendations as she went. She also did a lash tint, which was hard for me to sit still for, but totally worth it. Since moving here, my skin has become unruly, breaking out, not responding to my usual routine. I haven't been able to wear makeup- at all. So a lash tint was a must.

She did "extractions" which means she totally picked all of my blackheads. SO AWESOME! She warned me that it might hurt, so I told her how I make my husband pick my back zits and back zits effing HURT, so not to worry. She laughed and said "Now that's love right there. You got a good one." Oh yes I do!

My unruly face is part of the reason for splurging on the facial. The other part was that it was my birthday damnit, and facials are heavenly.

I left a much lighter person, with very messy hair and a new outlook for my skin. Apparently it's very dry. That's why it's so oily- I keep attacking the oil which is making everything worse. So I need to go  downtown, and buy myself a good creamy moisturizer.

My mom sent me some gorgeous michael miller flannel fabric and a pattern for a simple baby blanket that we saw when we went fabric shopping when we were there for Thanksgiving. It inspired me to get back to sewing- I hadn't been able to sew the whole week after my LEEP because of those stupid painkillers I was taking. I was hoping on getting a ton of sewing done while sitting around, but it never happened.

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