Wednesday, June 29, 2011

our new place

Located in the Potrero hill district, which lies just south of the SOMA district, which is where Danny's new job is.

The second question out of his mouth when I would tell him about a new apartment find was "can I ride my bike there?" (the first question being "how much is it?") It was funny to me because a) he does not own a bike, and b) because I have never heard him speak of having a desire to ride a bike to work, let alone ride one at all. I am constantly learning new things about my husband.

If I haven't said it yet, finding an apartment in this city is very effing hard. The thing that saved us, and secured our place in this building was a) our fair credit report and b) the fact that we have no debt. We have worked very hard to get to this point in our lives, and it feels really, really good. There is no way that we could do this if we had debt. Or if Danny didn't get a kick ass job. But, seeing as how our cost of living just went waaaay up- I'm in search of a job too.

Initially, we weren't even looking in this area. Every time I did, the cheapest places were $3000+ I just so happened to widen the search that night when I found this listing. They pulled this listing the next day- I couldn't even send the link to Danny. They only allowed 10 people to make appointments to see it. We were the first to ask for an application- I can't believe nobody wanted it at this price! My mom thinks it's because of the view. We are crazy lucky that we got this place!

There is an apartment in Jane's building that has almost the exact same layout- and they are asking $2600.

This is the view as you walk in- the 2 bed & 2 baths are stacked on top of each other with the loft part being the kitchen/living area.

I love the super high ceilings and windows. No, we don't have a view. That just means we get to walk around naked and nobody will see. And we get tons of sunshine without it being direct. Win-win!

No carpet in the sewing room! Yeaaaaa!

Our bedroom. We'll see how we like not having walls...

We have washer/dryer hookups in the main bathroom- super amazing bonus! And the landlord told me about a company that rents washers/dryers, comes and sets them up, then hauls them away when you move. Love it! No parking- but street parking is readily available in this neighborhood. Well, ok, there IS parking available in the garage. For $200 a month. Haha!

Oh! And! This is a live/work building, so I can have my rag-a-muffin business running out if it with no permits or zoning or whatever else!

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  1. I'm way behind congratulating you on a fun new adventure! Your place looks amazing!!