Friday, June 3, 2011

happy 27th loo-loo!

For Loo-loo's birthday my mom decided we should surprise her by taking her to Build-a-bear to make a new "bear". She loves that place. Every time we go to the mall she begs me to buy her a new outfit for one of her many animal pals.

This time she chose a very cute grey kitty. And she dressed her up as Cinderella. Loo-loo was so excited she could hardly contain herself! And my mom and I were glad there was no party going on to frustrate her.

What a ham!

We took some shots while my mom paid...

All packed up in a little blue tote, perfect for Loo-loo to carry.

My mom gave her a few coins to throw into the fountain...

And since we just happened to be downtown, my mom and I strong-armed Loo-loo into going to Settebello, home of the best pizza in Utah.

I had the best arugula salad with goat cheese and balsamic dressing. Mmmmm. And my pizza was amazing too!

Dessert, of course.

I had the stracciatella- the chocolate chip one. Soooooooooo good!

Princess/Cinderella themed Family Party:

I had this extra cake, and some leftover frosting so we played a little prank on Loo-loo. She knew about the princess cake, so when I yelled "surprise!" she was not satisfied with this one. "Where is my Cinderella?" she demanded. So I brought out the real one...

And the next post will be all about this fabulous cake.

Loo-loo, kitty Cinderella, and cake Cinderella.

Here is Stevie and Nick getting food. We had salad and individual pizzas cooked on the grill.


Here is my pizza- I used all 3 sauce options- red, alfredo and pesto. I topped it with fresh mozzarella, basil and pepperoni.

Happy birthday girl!

Nick's birthday is one week after Loo-loo's- so we celebrated it too. My mom made him a cheesecake and all of us gave him money in cards- so no exciting opening presents photos of Nick.

Smile! See why I am such a photo taker?? I get it from my dad.

Me getting ready to cut up my creation. She was delicious by the way...

And now for the presents!

Loo-loo doll. New and improved over the one I made her last year...

Like by a TON. I've gotten a lot better in a year...

Cory & Mal.

I found this huge bubble wand for a dollar- and my brother was fascinated with it. It was hilarious, and Loo-loo didn't even notice. He was trying to get the biggest bubble possible- but was just getting lots of small ones. Can you see the blurry bubbles?

Every princess needs a tiara and wand...

(magic wand noise)

Happy happy birthday Lindsay Loo-loo!! I love you!

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