Wednesday, April 20, 2011

monkey buisness

This is Mikey Monkey. Pattern from mmmcrafts. He wasn't hard to make- but he did take me a long time. Very worth it, as you can see. Have I mentioned how amazingly well her patterns are written? They are perfect. I want to send her all the patterns that frustrate me to death so that she can re-write them and make them easier.

He has a crush on Katy Kitty, but she's too cool to notice.

I made his plaid shorts out of a thrifted button up shirt, and his shirt is an old tee that I embellished with an argyle pattern. It wasn't until I was finished and I looked at him all put together that I realized he is dressed like an old golfer. But it's okay- he's really cute anyway!

I love his little tennis shoes...

...and his little baseball hat.

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