Friday, February 4, 2011

a little story

I met Kim through Nan right before Van was born. After finishing his quilt, she expressed that she would love to have something unique for the baby girl she was carrying. After Kim and her husband came to my house to see all my goodies, I offered to make her whatever she wanted- so long as she paid for the fabric. We had a deal- and over the past few month have became fast friends.

A big cozy flannel blanket...

Some fuzzy lil blankies...

and some flannel lil blankies...

...and a gorgeous quilt.

She also bought this birdie wall art.

They have the most adorable little boy, and over the next few months I would watch him for her (he is so much fun!) so she could go to her doctors appointments.

Right before the holidays, she had an ultrasound. (She has diabetes, so her pregnancy was a lot more monitored than most.) Something was off, so they ordered an MRI. It took a week to get the results back. The news was not good. It looked like the baby's brain had not developed correctly- the layers were way underdeveloped and her brain stem had a curve instead of being straight. The news was devastating, the specialist told them she may not even make it- she may not be able to breathe on her own. And if she did make it, she would be severely handicapped. They heard this news on their anniversary, and it was the week of Christmas.

I am not a religious person- but I prayed for them almost every night. I prayed that they would have the strength to deal with what was to come, no matter what happened. I talked to her a few times about what it was like to have a handicapped sister. It's always been a positive and wonderful thing for me- but I have no clue just how frightening and hard it would be to be a parent facing those extreme circumstances.

Last Monday she was born via c-section. I was there, with the little boy in case he needed to meet her real quick after the birth. We were running up and down a sunny hallway when I got the news. "She is kicking and screaming!" I shouted "She's here! Your sister is here and she is screaming!"

She was breathing on her own! On a little bit of oxygen, but at 35 weeks, a little bit of oxygen is normal. Dark, curly hair. Perfectly pink skin. The sweetest and smallest little newborn cry. On Thursday she was nursing, and quite well. Eating on her own was also a great sign. On Friday they did another MRI to see where she was at. On Saturday, they got the news. Kim left me a voicemail that I keep listening to because I am so shocked and happy and amazed and excited!

The radiologist read the results asap. Her brain is perfect. Nothing is wrong. NOTHING. I have chills typing these words. She is perfectly fine. The doctors are baffled. They have no idea how at 30 weeks she had a severely underdeveloped brain, and then at 35 weeks she is perfectly fine. Miracle. It has to be. Can you even believe it? It's the most amazing news- after all the worry and unknown, to have everything be alright?

There are a few things that I wanted to make her as a surprise- but I held off not knowing if she would ever use them. So now that my sewing room is mostly finished- I need to get creating!

Here's the little chunk... I can't wait to hold her and make her dollies and have even more adventures with this amazing little family!

Thanks for sharing your family with me!

(stolen from Kim's FB.)

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  1. i love love this post Jess! you are an amazing friend. one of the best things in the world is when two of my good friends become good friends...i love it. its like my world expands. i can't wait to see your awesome creations-girl style. :)