Tuesday, February 15, 2011

cake pops, first try

I have been itching to try to make cake pops ever since I found Bakerella's blog. I got the book a few months ago, but haven't had an occasion to try them out.

Until I hosted a baby shower at my house.

As I was getting the cake and frosting ready to make them, my husband walked into the kitchen. He told me about one of his co-workers wives that made "these little balls of cake, with a chocolate coating- they were delicious!"

Ahem. Honey. Dear? I have been taking about making these cake pops for a week. I showed you the book the other day.

It's ok. It got him interested- so interested in fact that he helped me make them!

And his first one was the absolute best one. See that little hairdo? Perfect.

I wanted to make 20 blue and 20 red bird cake pops.

We made like 8. Blue only. Turns out, they are kinda hard to make. Ok, we actually made 12. But we ate the 4 that stuck in the candy coating.

(Man, it sucks when you mess up desserts and you have to eat them, right?)

This was my first one. See how he cracked? And he is totally falling off of his stick? Happy & hilarious accident!

Danny even painted little bitty wings on his masterpiece...

...and he came up with a few ideas to make the whole process easier- he got out the drill to spin the coating off real fast and evenly. It did not work any better. Then he used the hair dryer to try and smooth out the uneven coating- it just melted the coating, and the frosting that was holding the cake ball together.

Lesson- only good old fashioned practice will make this process easier.

They are pretty cute despite not looking at all like the photo in the book!

I made them a nest with a $3 wreath and some shredded paper.

I can't get over how silly my little wobbly bird is!

Yum! Good enough to want to try again...

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