Thursday, February 3, 2011

chop, chop!

I've been feeling the need to do this for awhile. I've put so much thought into it- wringing my hands and worrying if it's the right move or not. (I have put more thought into this than any of my tattoos)

I see myself as a long haired girl. It's who I am. But it really doesn't matter- so why was it such an agonizing decision? It grows back. Sheesh!

My hair hates being long. It tangles and clumps together and I put it up everyday or I wear a hat. Especially lately- it's had revolted. It's so misbehaved, that I dread washing it, brushing it, then blow drying it. So much so that I have been putting showering off for another whole day. Yes. My hair and I were at war.

So I texted my hair stylist Charity- and told her it was time. I have been threatening to do it for months. Every time I see her I make her trim off 3 inches- and it was still so long!

So. Gross. Doesn't it look like a really bad toupee that's been thrown on the floor? I was shocked when I saw how much she cut off- I should be bald!

Happy and free from hair that was weighing me down. No more buns, no more getting it caught in everything, no more getting my head stuck in bed cause Danny is laying on it.

I couldn't quite capture just how cute the cut itself is- self-portraits are not my forte. Plus this is after multiple beatings from the icy wind whipping it around while I was trying to run errands.

Phew. I feel so much better! My hair has not been this short in 10 years. I thought I would freak out when I got home- but I just love it even more!

(And Happy Birthday Bethy!)

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