Monday, February 14, 2011

kim's shower

Nan and I threw a baby shower for Kim, wanna see?

My mom brought the flowers,

The food was amazing- Nan did most of it,

Angie did the salad- soooooo good!

And I did the desserts!

Raspberry swirl cupcakes with raspberry buttercream,

and heart brownies with cream cheese frosting.

Kim got lots of very cute clothes...

and some other stuff... baby Laura is so very much a miracle!

Of course this little guy was there, and napped pretty well on our bed while the chatting was going on. I was worried that the kittens would try to cuddle/smother him, but they stayed hidden from sight until well after everyone left.

I ate a cupcake before the party started. I ate another after I had a roll, some dip, some salad and a brownie. Then I had another brownie. Then I tried to eat another cupcake. I had to save it for later. Mmmm.

Now for the decorations...

I kinda had a bird theme going on...

I made the red ones, and got the blue ones at Hobby Lobby.

I made huge red and blue pom poms out of napkins from Ikea, I love decorations that can be recycled.

I am thinking of making a cute mobile with the red birds.

And maybe one for my sewing room out of the blue ones.

I hung some of the pom poms and birds between the lights above the bar area.

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