Wednesday, July 21, 2010

loo-loo tuesday

In her apron, ready to bake!

Sewing Tuesday has officially moved to sewing every other day that isn't Tuesday. Why? Cause every Tuesday I have/will be picking Loo-loo up from her program, and on to fun and fabulous activities together.

Although I have been a horrible blogger lately, I have still been taking Loo-loo to fun places. The week before last we went to the Aquarium. She loved the penguins, and she was sooo good, even with all the screaming kids, that I got her a cute little stuffed penguin for her already too big stuffed animal collection.

Last week, we went to Ikea and got some new pots for the funeral plants that were dying in that stupid but pretty metal container they came in. Loo-loo got herself some lucky bamboo. She had never been to Ikea before, and all the way there she kept asking what I would buy for her.

"Ikea have Pop tarts?" No.

"Ikea have new swimsuit?" No.

"Ikea have bodywash?" Yes, but no I won't buy it for you because it smells really weird.

I finally had to tell her that Ikea is a huge store full of really cool, or really strange stuff. That explanation seemed to help.

Today, we were supposed to go see Despicable Me, but she changed her mind. She decided that she wanted to bake cookies and "rent" movies on Netflix "watch it now" instead. We watched some Fraggle Rock, and then we put our aprons on!

We made these wonderful S'mores Cookies....

Baked in a muffin top pan, I love huge cookies!

It was really fun for Loo-loo to fill the tops of the cookies with the different toppings- I am excited to make cookie day a regular event!


The recipe for these Giant S'mores Chocolate Chip Cookies is from my new favorite cooking blog- Picky Palate.

Loo-loo insisted that we take warm cookies over to the neighbors house so she could say hello to their little 2 year old girl. I think showing up at their doorstep in our aprons with giant cookies was a little uh, overwhelming? She was literally speechless.

Oh, and go see Inception. It was amazing! I think I may have a little crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is a man that looks hot in a suit. And I may have a tiny bad guy crush on Cillian Murphy- I don't think he is cute, but I like him as a bad guy. Something about his facial structure and mannerisms is so creepy, evil, whatever. I know he wasn't really evil in this movie, but still. Since I first saw him in Red Eye, I can't see him as any other character. And I love Ellen Page, of course.

Just go see it.

And make some cookies. They were delicious!

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  1. Lindsay looks darling in her pink apron!

    I had no idea that Ikea had funny smelling body wash. I love their lingonberry jam.

    I haven't seen Despicable Me yet. John took the kids to see it when I went to see Paul McCartney. They thought that was a good trade. They missed out on PM I missed out on DM.

    We should hang out sometime soon. The kids and I would love to join you and Lindsay for an outing.

    I didn't make cookies, but I made pudding cheesecake and put it in those cute little mini graham cracker crusts... not to be confused with real delectable cheesecake.