Monday, July 12, 2010

catching up!

So much has been going on lately, but I have not had any time to blog about it all!

I shot a wedding reception, (no I am not a photographer, it was last minute and super laid back) my baby sister turned 20, my house has turned into a factory, I had a fun party where I sold some of my Rag-a-muffin stuff, and my face has been breaking out like I am in Jr. High again.

Okay, try to keep up. My dad's cousin's daughter whom is a little younger than me married her boyfriend of 7 years the Friday before last. Does that make her my third cousin, my second cousin once removed, or my third cousin once removed? Confusing stuff, I can't and probably won't ever understand it all. Anyway. Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Chrystal & her dog Poker.

Uncle Ray & Aunt Cathy playing with the bubbles.

She caught the bouquet- it better be awhile before she gets hitched.

Chrystal & Britton dancing.

Maloree turned 20. Yikes, is all I have to say. (to my parents) Your baby is 20?? Awwww. Since the wedding just happened to be on her birthday, we had a little dinner party for her on Sunday, July 4th.

(she has to combine the 4th of July with her birthday, but I have to celebrate Christmas and my birthday- I think she gets the better deal)

My mom made an amazing dinner, we had Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes and cheesecake (Costco) for dessert. (I would have made her a cheesecake, since it's sorta my thing, but she decided that's what she wanted the night before.)

My beautiful blond sister.

The huge flamingo, Cory, and Mal opening her Apron.

So cute! And she loved it! Now all I need to do is teach her the ways of the kitchen...

Candle time!

Okay, this one is classic Mal.

Stevie brought over a watermelon for the party that we didn't end up eating. So Mal, being the silly goof that she is, stuck it up her shirt. I told them to look serious for the photo, but they just couldn't- it was too funny.

The week before last my sewing room was an apron factory, I made 8 new ones for the shop. Then, last week my sewing room was a kitty pillow/pincushion factory. So I have been working!

This week I am desperately trying to finish the baby quilt that I am making for Nan & Mike. I was having all kinds of math issues, but I got it all figured out, and sewn together. But it's not lining up! Argh! I need help from my mom- and I have a very limited time to finish it- I still need to get it machine quilted, and sew the binding on, before her shower that I am throwing for her soon...she is due in 5 weeks! Holy crap!

This week's to do list:
finish and get quilt to quilter(s)
re-pot the funeral plants I have not yet killed
fix the drawer that I broke 2 weeks ago
get Matilda a haircut
take loo-loo to see Despicable Me!
give myself a much needed pedicure
mop the floor (hate mopping!)
not spend any money on fabric
finish making a new ironing board cover
go and get my freaking bangs trimmed

As for how the Open House went...

It was so much fun! I met lots of new and fabulous people, and made some money too! We will be having another one next month at my parents house, if you missed out!

Oh, and some of the proceeds from the party will go towards this. For my 14 year old face. Seriously, if you saw me today you would totally call me pizza face. I am humiliated, (huh- just like in Jr. High!) and don't want to go out in public. Blech!

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