Tuesday, July 13, 2010

hootie who?

I am such a night owl.

I get kinda tired at like 11:30, then zam! Wide awake, and ready to conquer the world. It's quite lame really- because now that I am 30, I just can't deal the day after staying up late conquering the world. I say it's lame cause I used to be just fine- staying up into the wee hours of the morning painting or sewing or whatever- get up at 8 a.m. to go to work or wherever. No problem. But now? No way. Tomorrow I will be wasted. Whiny and tired, like a 2 year old who missed their nap.

My husband is softly snoring in the bedroom, Matilda is curled up on her chair, and Kobe is in my lap/on my right arm purring and drooling away. It's hard to type with a cat on your arm, especially when it breaks your heart to wake her up by jostling her tiny sweet head to reach the shift key. So what's my problem? Just go to bed already!

I am awake, I am alive...

With ideas of future projects, solutions to problems that have been haunting me- I don't want to go to bed! I gotta write this shit down!

Maybe if I used Oxyclean in my Spot Bot, it would get out that huge Dr. Pepper stain right in front of my feet.

Maybe if I had sewn that quilt top together in columns instead of rows, it would have been easier to line it all up.

Do you think Matilda would go on walks with me? Or would she be too frightened to keep following me and I would have to carry her clawing heavy ass back home?

I want to alter some patterns, and make my tiny elephant into a huge elephant, and my kitty pillow into some tiny kitty rattles. Seriously! Like right NOW!

Do you think that if I made some cute ruffly throw pillows for the next boutique that people would like/buy them?

Yeah, those are some of them. Crap. It's past 2 a.m. I gotta go to bed, regardless of my awake-ness. Damn getting older, I hear it just gets worse from here on out...

(just the not being able to stay up past your bedtime without any consequences part. I hear the best in life is yet to come!)

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