Tuesday, October 27, 2009

oh no you didnt

How am I supposed to enjoy my day off when I wake up to this?

And now, it's snowing (I can't believe I just said the "S" word so early in the season!) even harder out there! It looks like a freakin snowglobe!

I hate snow. I have never really liked it, even as a kid. Hate is a strong word, but it is very appropriate for how I feel.

Don't worry, I won't let it ruin my day. I'm just gonna close all the blinds and pretend that the sun is shining so brightly, that I have to shut the blinds to avoid sunburn.

And now for a little imagination...

With the dishwasher going, it almost sounds like waves crashing on the sand.

Much better.

I think I shall crank up the heat, put some shorts on, and have a nice afternoon playing pretend.

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