Tuesday, October 13, 2009

monsters lead such interesting lives...

Today Loo-loo and I had a "slumber party".

Every time I move, she wants to sleepover. But she does not do well sleeping in beds that aren't her own, and we don't even have a bed for her to sleep in. Alas, she was dead set on the idea. So a compromise- we would have a "slumber party" complete with pillows, chips & dip, candy, more candy, and a movie.

We watched "Quackbusters" a movie that we used to watch all the time, back in the day of Laser Discs...(yes that dates me. I know.) Anyway it has Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, and all the other famous characters. Daffy starts a Ghostbusters type business- and craziness ensues. It was a perfect Halloween-ish movie. And all of our favorite funny parts that I had long forgotten about- Lindsay would quote and laugh about it right before it happened. What? I kept thinking...how many YEARS ago was it that we last saw this movie? More than 10 to be sure. She AMAZES me constantly.

And when I took her home, mom & dad were out, so I got her in the shower and then went to set her up for bed, and saw that all 4 of her Build-A-Bears (a bunny, a monkey, a bear, and a cat) were all in summer clothes.

So we got out her collection of clothing and found costumes for them for Halloween. ( a Jazz player, a graduate, a fairy princess and tinkerbell.) I of course had to organize all the accessories and clothing, and that's when my parents got home. My mom & dad opened Lindsay's door to find me on the floor and Lindsay on her bed, surrounded by tiny little clothes. I felt like a kid, getting caught playing before bedtime.

And I loved it.

I love my family. REALLY do.

Oh yeah, I also broke my sewing machine today, and then almost broke my mom's.

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  1. Very cool... ah laserdiscs! I'll have to look for that movie. I bet my kids would love it. You are an awesome big sister!