Friday, January 3, 2014

california dreaming

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I spent Christmas in bed, reading a new book. It was perfect.

Since Danny had some time off, we decided to go on a staycation. We took a little road trip down to check out Monterey and Carmel.

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Painting in our hotel.

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OMG this was the best pizza I've had in forever. My favorite pizza is from The Pie in Salt Lake, and there is nothing even close to it (that I've found) in SF. We usually order from Extreme Pizza, and while good, it's not great.

The crust on this pizza was divine. I ate all my crust, I mean who does that? It's never that good. But this one was.

But since I haven't really been eating gluten...

...I felt so horrid the next day. Like I had had a fifth of whiskey the night before. Pounding headache, mounds of brain fog, achy body. Gluten, you asshole.

Nevertheless, we went exploring.

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Um, can we move here?

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Silly looking kelp.

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Soothing, beautiful waves.

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Sea vegetables. Or are they sea weeds?

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My first beach glass find!

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I brought my new Princess Monster Truck bag with us, isn't it awesome????

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Having fun with my husband, oh boy do I love him. It looks like we needed this little vacation!

We spent one night in Monterey, and then drove down and spent a night in Carmel.

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The beach at Carmel was a lot busier than in Monterey! Of course, this was a more touristy area.

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Mmmmhmmmm. Beach sunset.

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Giant kelp thingy.

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We liked Monterey better than Carmel. Carmel was cute, but kinda snobby. Monterey was more laid back beachy, whereas Carmel was I'm rich look at me beachy.

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