Wednesday, June 5, 2013

spring in utah

It's time for the annual trip back home in May!

On the calendar:

Get my hair done. ASAP.
Lindsay Loo's birthday!
Time with Nan and the boys!
Seeing just how big Ryker's gotten!
My brother's birthday!

 photo IMG_9604_zps0f1dab4c.jpg
I love looking at how crazy the lake looks from way up here.

 photo IMG_9602_zps0e82d9ea.jpg
Lindsay loo and I went for burgers at our favorite, Red Robin!

 photo IMG_9614_zps7fbae862.jpg
Hi bun bun!

 photo IMG_9628_zps193e35fb.jpg
I brought some pink hair chalk for Lindsay cause she said she wanted pink hair, but she wouldn't let me do it. So Mal and I had some fun with Iris.

 photo IMG_9625_zps92a78727.jpg
Baking, baking baking! I made a cake and cupcakes for Lindsay loo's birthday. And I made cupcakes for Nick's birthday.

 photo IMG_9626_zps0b1aad35.jpg
Lindsay "helped" by taking a copious amount of selfies....

 photo IMG_9656_zps764ae6ff.jpg
Then we gave this teeny baby duckling a bath.

Someone brought some baby ducks into her work, so Maloree brought one home. Isn't it cute???

When it gets old enough, there is a refuge that will take him.

 photo IMG_9709_zps1522249e.jpg
So I uh, decided that I wanted to get some of those amazing big round balloons for the party. I ordered them online, and then took them to Smith's Marketplace to get blown up.

They were less than helpful, and totally confused at to how they were going to do it. I finally got them done, but all 4 balloons were kinda big...

...and walking around the store with them was a teensy bit embarrassing. Also, I realized that they were so not gonna fit in the car. So I had to call my mom to come down to help me. Help me transport balloons. 

 photo IMG_9736_zpsb14678e3.jpg
Lindsay turned 29! OMG where has time gone? I feel old!

She wanted to be a "queen" for her birthday. So I made her glittery wands, a birthday banner, a felt crown with jewels....

(I don't spoil her, do I?)

 photo IMG_9714_zps922a645d.jpg
Here is her cake. She requested yellow cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting. I made the castle with my silhouette machine.

 photo IMG_9721_zps65e767a9.jpg

 photo IMG_9708_zps66a703ee.jpg
Chocolate cupcakes with Salted caramel buttercream.

 photo IMG_9752_zpseefbbc9e.jpg
I love this boy. He had so much fun playing with his cars.

 photo IMG_9749_zpsa77eeb26.jpg
And this one, always trying to steal my glasses.

 photo IMG_9779_zps1d8b0bb1.jpg
These two are so amazing together. Ryker may be tough- but when it comes to Lindsay and kids, he's a total softie.

 photo IMG_9756_zpsa7017a72.jpg
I was missing my husband so I took a selfie to send to him. And I feel great because I got my hair did.

 photo IMG_9804_zps3bf1803b.jpg
My brother. So silly with that huge dog!

 photo IMG_9834_zps9a104d67.jpg
Oh yeah, sewing and a cold Dr Pepper.

 photo IMG_9860_zps8a8fcc70.jpg
My mom was making some bibs, so I decided to make some too!

 photo IMG_9787_zps00d0d3ac.jpg
Can you even stand this? Van is looking like such a teenager here. We went to the mall for corndogs and lemonade, one of my favorites!

Also while I was there Nan, the boys and I went to the This is The Place Monument Park. They have a whole village and train ride now, it's the new hot spot for kids!

 photo IMG_9893_zps480f46b9.jpg
Van in one of the tiny houses.

 photo IMG_9923_zps8efc29de.jpg
Train ride!

 photo IMG_9900_zps63237df1.jpg
Pretty excited about riding on this horse.

 photo IMG_9903_zpsf521989d.jpg
Aw, baby goats.

 photo IMG_9965_zpscba6c99b.jpg
Hanging out on the pirate ship.

 photo IMG_9920_zpse0f7c1d2.jpg
Me and Henry on the train.

 photo IMG_9977_zpscc3af5e2.jpg
These two are such sweet brothers. We had lunch at the Hires burger spot. Mmmmm!

 photo IMG_9968_zpsa2a9f36c.jpg
Even though I love the city, I appreciate the wide open spaces.

 photo IMG_9978_zps991a6022.jpg
Love you Henry boy!

 photo IMG_9963_zps82765e4d.jpg
Look how much bigger the duckling got!

 photo IMG_9825_zps9a84e855.jpg
Ryker looooooves me. We chase each other around the house!

 photo IMG_9880_zps66f8f030.jpg
I made Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter mousse and chocolate ganache for my brother's birthday.

 photo IMG_9868_zpsb084c55b.jpg
Aw, good old 9th and 9th. I used to live right down the street. Taking a stroll around was fun, but I miss the way it used to be. Coffee Garden in it's modern techy-ness kinda bugs me. I miss the couches and squashy armchairs. 

 photo IMG_9873_zps1723c7a7.jpg
Lindsay loo and I checked out the new shopping center in Farmington just in time to see this... thing I super miss about Utah is the sunsets. Oh, they are incredible.

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