Monday, May 13, 2013

not being picked is worse than being picked last

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I posted about this on the rag-a-muffin blog, but I wanted to share on here too.

Right as I finished my sign that I was going to proudly hang in my booth at Renegade, I got the email.

I didn't get in.

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All dressed up with nowhere to go.

So many brand new dolls, with brand new never before used fabrics and I even designed some new hairstyles!

At both shows I did, I sold out of dolls on the first day. It was sad the second day, having such an empty booth. I had people that came out to buy a doll from me personally, it was so awesome to actually meet my customers face to face. It's also really, really awesome to make a bunch of stuff just for one event. And to be able to sell it all? A dream come true for a home sewer like me.

I know I shouldn't take it personally, but I totally am.

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I wore my favorite red shoes to a lunch date.

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I went over to the Sunset district to the sewing shop. This is what it looks like over there 5 months out of the year. Wanna know why it's waaay cheaper to live over there?

This gloominess is why.

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Luckily I live in Potrero Hill, where its always sunny. And I have my noodlebug to cuddle with me and make me feel better.

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Swiss milk chocolate ice cream??? Yes please!

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