Monday, March 26, 2012

playing catch up...

Since January, I have gotten out of a lot of good habits that I used to have.

Like blogging.

And cleaning up after myself in the kitchen no, actually in general. My counters are sticky and covered in dirty dishes, there are thread and felt bits all around the house, piles of fabric and unfinished projects on my sewing room floor, and dirty clothes on the bedroom floor. I used to NEVER leave clothes on the floor. Probably since Kobe would pee on anything left on the floor, so I learned quickly not to do that. But now that she's gone...I must have forgotten.

And drinking water.

But I have gotten into a few new good habits since then as well.

Like managing my time better. Breaking up the day doing different tasks has made my projects go faster and the frustrating parts less frustrating. Like working on a sewing project for a few hours then getting housework done then going to the store then relaxing and making dinner when Danny gets home. As opposed to sewing for 8 hours straight, not cleaning, not going to the store, not making dinner and then getting a serious case of sewers block that would last forever and projects left hanging and not getting finished.

Going out by myself. Since I learned to drive stick- I am free to go wherever. It's been nice to go to Ikea and check out the other parts of town that were so hard to get to by public transportation. I found a scrapbook store in the richmond district- I called ahead to see if they had a die cutting room, and surprisingly enough- they did. I asked what their selection was like and the girl said they had tons of stuff.

I went, and I almost laughed.

They had like 30 different sheets of paper. One lonely little rack. As far as their die cut room- they had one alphabet and a bunch of tags. And by a bunch I mean like 10.

I'm used to Utah scrapbook stores- with walls full of trim and stickers, with so many racks of paper that you couldn't count if you tried. And the die cut room? Everything you can think of. Hundreds of dies.

I guess it ain't that popular here. Sigh.

So, lets see what I've been up to over the last few months. Yikes, has it really been months since I was a good blogger? Bigger sigh.

Vera doll. For sale here!

Flora doll.

Custom doll for Jasmine.

Note the fancier dress!

Custom doll for Miss D.

Custom doll for Amie.

Cathedral window pillow. For me.

I love it! And I loved making it! Anybody want one? I'd love to do it again!

Honey bear. For sale here!

Cloudy bear. For sale here!

Blue bear. For sale here!

Custom Sleepover Pals for Ruby.

Sleepover Pals in Paisley. For sale here!

Sleepover Pals in Flower Garden. For sale here!

Sleepover Pals in Spring. For sale here!

I also made a quilt. It's almost finished. My mom got it back from the quilters (yes I sent to Utah to my fav quilter) and she just sent it back on Friday so I should be getting it any time soon. As soon as I bind it- I'll post tons of photos!

I've also been really into embroidery. I made something for to give to Danny for our anniversary, and I did a little bird stitching that I need to take photos of.

Oh, and I have been making Loo-loo some fantastic goodies for her birthday. She got an American Girl doll for Christmas, so I've been making doll clothes like crazy. And bedding. Yes. Anthro inspired doll bedding. (I know what you are thinking. Is this really what I do with all my time? And the answer is yes. Yes I do. Also- yes I know how incredibly lucky I am- I'm living my dream life.) I think I'm trying to make up for being gone with gifts- am I a horrible sister? Or a really, really good one? 

And terrariums. Like totally obsessed. I made a cute little one for me. It has a moss hill and a fake tree and a little teeny paper house and some red mushrooms that I made out of clay. And then Danny said he wanted to make one too- so I got him a container, and he hasn't made it yet. Need to take photos of those too! 

And I finally made a doll for me. Loo-loo asked me one day "When you make a doll for you? Hmmm?" So I took her advice. And she is lovely. Her hair is brown- and it's in a gigantic bun on the top of her head. All last week I was obsessed with drafting my own clothes patterns for her- I got one good outfit, she just needs shoes. 

I seriously stared at patterns and fabric all day last wednesday. Then finally at 8 p.m. I figured it all out and blasted out an outfit.

An outfit that I have tried to make for myself- and failed. But I did it! In miniature, at least.

I've decided that I need to take a seamstress or a tailor class. I have no idea how to draw patterns. I need some basics! 

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