Wednesday, March 7, 2012

not acceptable

It's not often that I feel strongly about causes, but this one tears at my heart.

Do you know how many times I have heard my sister be called a retard?

Or how many times I was called one too- because of her?

In 4th or 5th grade, during lunch, in front of everyone, a kid in my class called me a "stupid retard, just like your stupid retard sister."

I hated him from that moment on. To this day he has no idea why I hate him. But I do.

Lindsay Loo-loo has the most beautiful soul I have ever seen in another human being. She sees things that no one else sees, and when she tells me about her memories from childhood or during important events (like when grandpa died or when we went to Disneyland) I get chills and my heart stops and I can't breathe because her recollections of life are so eerie and unique- and they are also few and far between so each one is a treasure. A beautiful heartbreaking treasure.

I miss her so much. She is what I miss most.

So please, train yourselves and teach your children- the R-WORD is unacceptable.

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