Friday, August 23, 2013

summer time

 photo IMG_0399_zps22fa9aa1.jpg
Cookies from Parsons....

 photo IMG_0409_zps686782ed.jpg
Baking supplies from Gygi....

 photo IMG_0541_zps571b442f.jpg
I bought like 10 things at Target, and they gave a bag for each. I'm so used to SF's no plastic bag law, this just looks wrong to me.

 photo IMG_0413_zpsff42cb03.jpg
More sunsets....

 photo IMG_0563_zps1ce3f6b6.jpg
Kittens sleeping in the windows.

 photo IMG_0547_zps2ac13d64.jpg
I hung out with Danny's grandma, and she taught me how to bake her wonderful bread recipe.

 photo IMG_0551_zps92008a5b.jpg
Mmm, I had a dinner date with my dad at Pace's.

 photo IMG_0559_zps99fc67f9.jpg
See you later, Utah. 

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