Wednesday, August 28, 2013


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I've been waiting for this fabric collection to come out, and today it arrived! OMG I loooove it! Koi by Rashida Coleman Hale. 

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Hobby Horse prototypes for a new project I'm working on...

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I'm making a Washi Dress, fingers crossed it all works out. Clothes making (human sized) intimidates me.

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Did I tell you that we are going to Ireland??? Well, we are! Sooooon. 

So I had to get a 3DS for the long plane ride, and because there is a new Animal Crossing Game, so exciting! I made a cute clutch out of my new fabric to keep it safe, but I didn't measure quite right, and it doesn't fit, whoops.

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Trying out grandma's bread recipe all by myself...

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Mmmmm, fresh outta the oven with honey butter. I need to keep practicing, but for a first try, it's pretty damn great!

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