Monday, July 9, 2012


June is gone. It whizzed by.

Quick re-cap, I'll follow with photos later.

Danny and his dad (Craig) went to the US Open (golf). Craig was our first ever guest, he got to sleep on our very fancy air mattress on the floor of the sewing room. Having people that you've never lived with stay with you is off-putting. It made me weird. Plus, we live in a loft, so. No walls. Also, having my sewing room filled to the brim with Someone Else made my mind wacky. I'd think of something I needed to do, and go downstairs, and then not be able to get/do/see anything, so I'd go back upstairs. Where I also couldn't get anything done. So I would just leave the house.

My sister Maloree came to visit (for a whole week!) and go to a veterinary conference. It's been so long since I've had any type of girly time, let alone sister girly time, that we had a blast. We painted nails and went shopping and walked our asses right off. Danny was the grouchiest man alive, he was presenting a talk titled "So, you've got a memory leak" at the upcoming nodeconf, he's often the grouchiest man alive when he's preparing for something because he's a damn perfectionist. And no, I have no idea what a memory leak is either, nor do I entirely understand what nodeconf is. I miss my sister.

The day we took her to the airport to go back home, we also got on a plane. To Portland, OR for nodeconf and a teeny vacay. I say teeny vacay because it wasn't really a vacay for Danny, just me. They always have a Significant Others track- this year we went to Multnomah Falls and did a food tour. I met some wonderful ladies, I'm excited to see if we stay in touch. It's kinda a big deal that he gave a talk, some of the ladies husband's knew who Danny was and were actually excited to hear him talk. Haha, isn't that so funny? But so totally AWESOME??? 

After the last party, a party that included a punk band named "Stream or Die" made up of a few nerds that had had their first ever practice an hour and a half before they performed one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen. I hate live music, I have dated "musicians" in "bands" and these nerds rocked way better. Nerds are awesome. Tell your teenage daughters, they need to know. After the performance- we all walked to a food cart lounge and had deep fried pies. 

I really, really shouldn't of had one, because little (well, I knew a little) did I know that I was about to be hit with food poisoning. Not from the pie, not from the fantastic japanese food that we had for dinner, but from the disappointing food tour. I don't know about you, but whist on vacation I love having to "sleep" on the toilet wrapped in a velour blanket because your teeth are chattering while you are sweating bullets and your brain is telling you that you are actually dying the most terrible of all deaths, and what the hell did this to me, don't think about the deep fried pie, don't think about the deep fried BLEHHHHHH!

So an entire vacay day was wasted on me sleeping, but it all worked out because it also happened to be the fourth of July, aka a day where nothing except the hotel you are staying in is open. Speaking of fireworks, since living in San Francisco, I now know the difference between what fireworks sound like and what and a gunshot sounds like. Not to be worried, nothing has happened, but now I don't have that typical Law and Order excuse of "I thought it was just fireworks" if the cops ever show up to question me. One night I counted 9. NINE. 

Anyway...this weekend I unpacked, (I usually take forever to do that) I started a baby quilt, and gave the cat a bath. I'm so excited to be home and be able to sew- I have a gigantic list that I need to get done asap. 

Photos to come!

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