Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ch ch ch changes...

So my old (not even a year old!) sewing machine called it quits a few weeks ago. 

I was SO frustrated- I did everything I could think of to fix the problem- clean it out, re-thread, replace the bobbin shuttle, and repeat like 167345 times and why is it not working it's not even old it's practically brand new OMG and then I totally broke down.

So my husband politely suggested that maybe I should buy a better machine. He says- If you keep buying cheap machines, they'll just continue to break. So you can either buy a new cheap machine every year, or get a good (expensive) machine that will last forever. I balked- but no no no they are like thousands of dollars, you know I don't have that kind of money whhhhaaaaaa!  He pointed out that I use it everyday, and things that you use everyday should be quality, so he talked me into going to look at machines.

They next day we went to a sewing store. I told him- I don't want to get talked into buying a Bernina- they are too expensive. Well, after looking at all the options, and test driving a few- the Bernina's were actually the best deal for the money. (And yes, the top of the line 830 is $12,000, but the one I got was way cheaper so don't think I'm bonkers, ok?) I was pretty much sold when I tried to applique some cotton on top of a square of denim folded in quarters so it was waaaay thick- and that machine puuurred right through, no problem.

So now I owe my husband money that will take forever to pay back- considering I don't actually make money doing what I do but whatever. 

I think I might be the first wife ever to have her husband talk her into buying an expensive sewing machine- that being said- I am one very lucky wife.

Opening the box was glorious. I was hesitant, I wanted the moment to last. And so excited, obviously. Danny said it was probably like when he first got a Mac instead of a PC.

She's gorgeous. 

She's gorgeous because of how powerful she is, how perfectly she stitches. How easy it is to thread, to wind the bobbin. And she's square. I like square.

I finished the project I was working on- and I finally felt like this was my job. Like now this is for real- even though I've been doing it "full time" for 2 years- I finally feel like a pro. I didn't realize how shitty my old sewing machine was until I could just sew through piles of fabric without stopping to re-thread and blow out dust to get it to stitch right. I didn't know sewing could get "more" enjoyable, but wow. 

Look out world, I've got a Bernina.

(I do have to say that my old machine, the one I bought last September- something is wrong with it, I'll be returning it. Normally you shouldn't have that many problems with it. I just figured it was human error, and not the machine which is so stupid but whatever it's over.)

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  1. My Mom should will you her VERY expensive machine and her "enough to fill a store" collection of fabric. I don't think Chavala and I could do it near the amount of justice you could.