Tuesday, November 16, 2010

van's baby shower

Remember how I had to put Nan's shower on hold because she had baby Van early?

Well. I have had ample time- 16 weeks to be exact, to plan and plot the most fabulous Pirate Paaarty ever.
I found Cottage Industrialist's free Pirate Party printables- and used the invitations as well as the cupcake sails and flags.

I found a plain wooden treasure chest that I painted and put handles on. I also found a small plain wooden Pirate ship birdhouse that I painted. I got a pile of chocolate gold coins, as well as some pretty plastic diamonds.

I got some "Hello my name is" tags that I filled out with pirate-ish names for people to wear.

I'm not much of a game person, and since this was my first attempt at hosting a baby shower (which by the way, my house has never been cleaner) I found BeanBoozled Jelly Beans as a dare game, and I set up a primitive photo booth- complete with props. Both were highly entertaining.

I made a bunting out of red and black striped fabric from Ikea decorated with felt skulls, anchors and ship wheels.

The day was chilly, but no snow- and the sun made an appearance as well. It was a perfect November Saturday.

This is a totally crappy photo- but the only one I have of the set up before it was eaten!

Loo-loo enjoying some lunch.

Kristy, Tyra and Van.

Oh wait, I meant Gunpowder Gertie, Ma Fratelli and the Dread Pirate Robins.

Vanilla Bean Pirate Ship Cupcakes


Brownie Swirl Cheesecake. Mmmmmm.

Van is now the perfect size and age for Loo-loo to hold him- and she couldn't be more happy!
Almost every week since he's been born, she asks "We go hold baby?" And I have to say "Nope, he's not big enough."

Kristy and Nan were total sports about daring each other to eat those nasty flavored beans! Kristy got Baby Wipes & Moldy Cheese- Nan got Toothpaste, Juicy Pear, Canned Dog Food & Barf! So sick! Kristy almost barfed after the Moldy Cheese one, and Nan almost hurled after the Canned Dog Food- I could even smell it after she bit into it! Yuck!

Tiff and Van- sporting one of the ties she gave him!

We desperately tried to dress him up- it was mere seconds before he tried to wiggle out of that eye patch.

And now for the photo booth shots...

Cap'n Loo-loo.

My mom and Van- her first time holding him!

Tyra and Kristy- real pirates?

I think Nan is trying to karate chop me...


Pirate Kim, with pirate baby.

Is this thing loaded?

We had soooo much fun!

The night before the party was like Christmas Eve for me-I was so excited for the party the next day that I couldn't sleep, or wait to get up!

The decorations are all packed up and ready for the next adventure...

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